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More about Ketamine Home Treatments

Ketamine, an FDA approved medicine that has been in use since 1970 as an anesthetic is now approved off-label for treatment of depression and anxiety as well as chronic pain.

 At doses much lower than anesthetic dosing, ketamine is providing relief to the many people who suffer from Treatment Resistant Depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, OCD and other mood disorders. Ketamine treatment will help you progress beyond the pressure and weight of your day-to-day struggle. It will help you reach beyond the constant focus on pain or on your mental health challenges and will give you back your life. Ketamine will aid in healing the damage that chronic pain, anxiety or depression has caused in your brain. 

 Ketamine treatment is proving to be revolutionary in how it heals the brain. Using the body’s glutamate system Ketamine produces an immediate benefit as well as healing the brain and increasing neuroplasticity.  

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Paula Fiet

Paula Fiet

Ketamine Coach

Paula is our neuro-counselor/ketamine coach here at Quintessence Health and Wellness, under the director of Dr. Adam Larson, PhD. Paula has received clinical training under the direction/supervision of Dr. Julia Jacobs (PsyD), at Shoreline Psychology (Neuropsychological assessment/ Internship), and Dr. Jennifer Cardinal (PhD) at Neurobehavioral Center for Growth (Neuropsychological Assessment, Therapy) Paula’s training and experience include conducting neuropsychological evaluations, academic testing, consulting and guiding parents/clients, and providing psychotherapy services.  Paula has focused her research and her work on understanding the underlying constructs involved in neurological, psychological and cognitive related disorders as well as learning and memory.  Over time Paula’s clinical interests have leaned towards handling issues related to FASD, trauma and dissociative disorders. 


Paula focuses on each patient and what makes their situation unique and how it affects them. Paula evaluates individual topics and areas of treatment for her clients against various perspectives (biological/neurological, psychological, cognitive, learning sciences, and education) to obtain greater understanding of possible underlying issues.  


Paula has experience counseling and evaluating a wide range of clients including: mood disorders (Bipolar/Borderline, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, etc.), FASD, ASD, ODD, gender dysphoria, trauma/PTSD, dissociative disorders, executive functioning issues, and ADHD.

Ketamine Treatment for Mood/Mental Health

Take a short assessment to see if Quintessence Health & Wellness, in-home Ketamine Treatments for Mental Health will help you overcome your anxiety or depression and take your life back.

Ketamine Treatment for Chronic Pain

Take a short assessment to see if Quintessence Health & Wellness, in-home Ketamine Treatments for Chronic Pain will get you pain relief and help you get your life back.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

The Science

Ketamine’s ground breaking impact on treatment for chronic pain and mood disorders is showing tremendous results for immediate relief and long-term recovery

The Experience

Many patients experience relief starting at their first treatment with most patients feeling relief within three treatments. The experience is calming to mildly sedative.

The Life Box

Quintessence Health & Wellness is now offering the Life Box, in-home Ketamine Treatments without having to leave your home for as little as $75/week.

Ketamine and Pain

With so many people suffering chronic pain, Ketamine provides a solution that not only has less side effects it is more effective and longer lasting. Ketamine works by blocking certain pain receptors in your brain and can reset some of the nerve cells in your brain and spine – enabling some patients to have pain relief for days, weeks or even months.

Ketamine and Mental Health

For the millions of people that suffer mental health disorders Ketamine provides a new treatment option and addresses many issues previously thought untreatable. Patients suffering from TRD or PTSD now have an option that has shown to be effective where prescription medications have failed.

The Treatment Plan

With the Life Box treatment plan you are able to do your ketamine assisted therapy from home. You will connect via zoom with our LCSW Paula, or if you prefer you can also use a therapist you are already seeing.  Therapy sessions can be done during your ketamine treatment or after. The Life box includes 6-12 doses of sub-lingual ketamine and four 30 minute therapy sessions. 

We Offer Therapy Assisted Infusions

Ketamine therapy for mood disorders can be even more helpful and productive when it is combined with a therapy session. Our staff therapist is happy to assist you in reaching your mood treatment goals.  

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