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Q Bank is your gateway to VIP treatment and unbeatable discounts. For a monthly payment of just $150, you’ll have access to a reserve of funds that you can utilize towards any Quintessence service of your choice. Here’s how it works:

1. Secure VIP Pricing: With Q Bank, you lock in VIP member pricing, ensuring you never miss out on our best rates.

2. Accumulate Deposits: Your monthly payments accumulate in your Q Bank account, ready for you to redeem whenever you’re ready for your desired service.

3. Automatic Application: Each time you visit us, we’ll check your Q Bank balance and automatically apply your funds and associated discounts to your services, making the process seamless and hassle-free.

Exclusive Perks for Q Bank Members:

  • $10/unit Botox: Smooth away wrinkles at an unbeatable price.
  • 15% off filler: Achieve your aesthetic goals while saving big.
  • 20% off skincare products: Elevate your skincare routine with premium products.
  • 1 FREE Monthly Dermaplaning: Treat yourself to a rejuvenating session on us.
  • $100 off lab work: Take control of your health without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re due for a touch-up, seeking a skincare overhaul, or prioritizing your wellness journey, Q Bank ensures you get the most value out of every visit.

Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your experience with Quintessence. Sign up for Q Bank today and start enjoying VIP treatment and savings like never before!

To enroll or learn more, reach out to our team at (801) 930-9381.

Elevate your experience with Q Bank and unlock a world of possibilities at Quintessence!

Already a member? Book your FREE Monthly Dermaplaning!