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Red Light Therapy

Discover the remarkable benefits of red light therapy, a cutting-edge treatment that taps into the body’s cellular “power plants” known as mitochondria. By energizing these cells, red light therapy enhances skin rejuvenation, promotes collagen production, and boosts cellular repair processes. It’s a gentle yet powerful approach, stimulating collagen and fibroblast production to improve skin structure and elasticity. Furthermore, it enhances blood circulation and reduces inflammation without any associated side effects when used as directed. Our red light therapy is a safe, non-toxic solution that addresses various skin concerns, from wrinkles and age spots to scars and sun damage. Experience the transformative effects of red light therapy and unlock radiant, healthy skin like never before.

Red light therapy benefits:

  • Improve wound healing
  • Enhance weight loss
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines and age spots
  • Improve facial texture
  • Improve psoriasisrosacea and eczema
  • Improve scars
  • Improve sun-damaged skin
  • Improve hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia
  • Improve acne
  • Reduce inflammation and joint pain
  • Aid muscle recovery
  • Can reduce period pain


1 Hour Session: $50
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