Testosterone Replacement Therapy




Do you want massively increased energyfocus, and memory

How does intensive libido and sexual performance sound? 

Looking to decrease body fatincrease muscle mass?

What if we told you, TESTOSTERONE can help with all of the above

Would you want to know more?

Have You Experienced?

Thinning hair

Constant exhaustion

Expanding waistline

Waning Sex Drive

These symptoms point to a condition that 25 percent of men over the age of 30 are plagued with: low testosterone.

 Feel Like Yourself Again, Reclaim Your Vitality!

Many of the symptoms and effects of low testosterone, such as reduced energy levels, brain fog, depression, slower metabolism are often accepted as signs of aging. The decline in vitality and overall feeling of well being are accepted as the norm and often go untreated as a result.

The good news is when hormones levels are restored and rebalanced many men experience a dramatic reversal of these changes. 

TRT treatments can help you boost testosterone levels, regain vigor and energy and restore overall well-being in many ways including:

Increased Mental Clarity – improves your brain function to keep your mind sharp and reinvigorating your memory and focus

Improved Sleep – balanced sleep cycles and restoring the body’s circadian rhythm can improve sleeping patterns

Increased Energy – through increased insulin sensitivity and increased red blood cell count your body is restored to a more youthful vigor and energy levels will return to optimal levels

Improved Muscle Condition and Strength – TRT increases muscle size and helps boost your strength and endurance

Increased Libido – increase of testosterone testosterone in your bloodstream can induce your sexual drive faster and sustain it for longer

Improved Mood – noticeable decrease in depression, along with less irritability and agitation

Decreased Inflammation – overactive immune responses will be regulated reducing instances of inflammation and normalizing your autoimmune system.

Improved Red Blood Cell Production – improved formation of red blood cells will reduce fatigue and stabilize blood pressure.

What To Expect With TRT

Increased Energy

Improved Mood

Improved Sexual Performance

Improved Sleep

Aging is inevitable – but the symptoms of low testosterone can be treated with TRT, you can feel like yourself again!

So, How Soon Will I See Results?

It isn’t unusual to feel impatient or anxious about when you will feel a change or see improvement in your symptoms. Days? Weeks? Months? The thing si though,  symptoms vary and the timeline for expected outcomes varies too.

Treatment is a gradual process with no specific timeframe for most patients.  That said, man y patients feel positive results within the first 3 to 6 months, a majority of patients report decreasing symptoms and a return to “feeling normal” much sooner, often in as little as 3 to 6 weeks.

We do find that some symptoms respond better or more quickly than others. It’s pretty common for libido and sex drive to begin to return to healthy levels within 3 weeks, while symptoms like obesity may take a little longer.

According to patient testimonials and our experience some basic timeframes are:

3 To 6 Weeks

  • Libido
  • Mood
  • Focus

12 To 16 Weeks

  • Reduction in Fat
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Increase in Lean Body Mass
  • Muscle Strength and Tone

    6 To 12 Months

    • Lipids and Other Health Markers
    • Bones and Joints
    • Insulin & Glycemic Control


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